Arpack Air Clean Luftreinigungsanlage für Private Haushalte

Private households

There are also a number of sources of pollutants indoors. It can be cigarette smoke, solvent emissions from furniture or building materials, as well as house dust and fine dust that surrounds us. Under certain circumstances, indoor rooms are more polluted than the outside air. Air purifiers that remove allergenic and polluting particles as far as possible from indoor spaces, are recommended especially for allergy sufferers.

Arpack Air Clean Luftreinigungsanlage für Schulen und Bildungseinrichtungen

Schools & educational institutions

Clean and safe air is especially important for large groups of people. Fresh air increases well-being and protects allergy and asthma sufferers from stress. In addition, air purifiers reduce exposure to germs, bacteria and viruses, which minimises the risk of infection and illness. Air purifiers also help to distribute fresh air in classrooms or seminar rooms after the necessary ventilation.

Arpack Air Clean Luftreinigungsanlage für Öffentliche Einrichtungen und Behörden

Public institutions

Large gatherings of people in waiting rooms or busy offices increase the risk of infection by viruses. In many facilities, the building fabric is aging and there are no central ventilation systems or a problem-free supply of fresh air. In the current pandemic situation, air purifiers, which are used in hotspots, are the best solution to sustainably reduce the virus load. In addition, the air quality will be improved, as the contamination by bacteria, allergens and odours is also reduced to a high degree.

Arpack Air Clean Luftreinigungsanlage für Industrielle Einrichtungen und Festigungen

Industrial institutions

In the industry field air purifiers or extraction units often have to be used as standard to comply with health and safety regulations. Especially in food production, bacteria, germs and mould can also lead to respiratory stress for employees and to allergies and asthma, but can also impair product quality. In this case, air purifiers specifically complement existing ventilation systems or can be integrated into them.

Arpack Air Clean Luftreinigungsanlage für Marine, Heer oder Luftwaffe.

Navy, Air Force and Army

In areas of national defence and civil protection, there may be larger concentrations of people and thus a higher load of viruses and bacterial contamination for the personnel deployed. The protection against harmful aerosols, especially in shelters and communal accommodations, thus is a central task, especially because ventilation cannot be guaranteed to the required extent for safety reasons. The air purifiers can effectively support central ventilation systems, in order to protect the affected persons.

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