Project Description

Air purification and disinfection unit
 A 100B

Purpose and function

Air purifiers “ARPACK” are a complex solution to the problem of molecular purification and disinfection of air inside the vehicle. Air purifiers “ARPACK” offer the possibility of effectively reducing the concentration of pathogenic microflora in the vehicle interior without the disadvantages of traditional technologies associated with the emission of ozone, the use of hard UV radiation and expensive replaceable HEPA filters.

The units do not contain mercury vapour, do not accumulate organic air pollutants inside (including all types of microflora) and do not require replacement of the main working units for continuous operation of up to 5 years.

Technical features

Designed for vehicles with a cabin volume of 30-40 m³. The unit has smooth power adjustment, fault indication, a case of increased strength made of 1 mm steel sheet and painted by powder paint with a preliminary primer.

Regular maintenance of the air filter consists of replacing the dust filter with a frequency that does not exceed the frequency of scheduled maintenance on the vehicle itself.

Work scheme

Luftreinigungsgeräte für Busse

The fan [1] ensures the movement of purified air through the unit. Air flows successively through a dust filter [2] and a porous wall of a photocatalytic glass element [3].

Volatile organic compounds, bacteria and viruses in the air are adsorbed by the photocatalytic filter and mineralised mainly into carbon dioxide and water vapour under the influence of light from an LED UV source [4].

The accumulation of organic pollutants on the photocatalytic element does not occur.

The main types of volatile organic compounds removed by the unit include:

  • Mould spores

  • aldehydes, esters, ketones

  • aromatic hydrocarbons

  • heterocyclic carcinogens

  • Ozone and active forms of oxygen

  • bacteria, viruses

  • Hydrocarbons of a range from methane and ethylene

  • Allergens

Unique advantages of the
A 100B air purifier and disinfector

Filters do not need to be changed

Eliminates formaldehyde & volatile organic compounds < 40 μm


ARPACK® A 100B | Air purification and disinfection unit



Model ARPACK A 100B
Max. Cleaning capacity in m3/h
≤ 100
Recommended maximum room size in m3
Glass-based photocatalytic filter with TiO2 (82x6x420mm), unit
Complete mineralisation without accumulation of volatile organic air pollutants and pathogenic microflora on the photocatalytic filter +
UV radiation sources based on LEDs +
Safe operating range of the UV sources in 365nm +
Productivity for the removal of volatile organic compounds (in the standard acetone oxidation reaction), mg/min 6
Flame retardant housing
Dimensions in W x H x D in mm 540/270/106
DC supply voltage, V
Current consumption no more, A 5,5
Weight in kg 9,8

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