Almost invisible air purifier for side tables with custom sizes and textures.

For use in rooms up to 40 m²

... for the needs in hotels

Unsichtbarer Luftreiniger für Beistelltische mit individuellen Maßen und Textur.

Air purifier for hotel, residential and office needs

For disinfection and purification of air from organic volatile compounds (odors) in hotels, residential and office premises with an area of up to 40 m2. Fits well into the interior of the rooms due to the hidden placement on the top of the bedside tables.

Easy to handle, the AC 90 cleans the air with up to 100 cubic meters per hour.

The AC 90 is suitable for quiet environments, such as your home, office workspace, children’s room, living room or even in the hotel and hospitality industry. It is particularly sustainable due to being maintenance free for a long period of time and therefore also very environmentally friendly.

The device is produced to your needs according to measure and texture.

Color & Material - Matched to your interior

Quiet air purifier according to your requirements

ARPACK AirClean AC 90 is a silent air purifier for highly efficient reduction of contamination by viruses, microbes, bacteria, molds, fungi and other organic microparticles. Purification of air from organic contaminants (including pathogenic microflora) is achieved by oxidation on ARPACK AirClean Technology photocatalytic filter elements, which completely decomposes such contaminants into trace amounts of water vapor and carbon dioxide.

The technology of Arpack AirClean AC 90 purifier consists in photocatalytic mineralization of microfloras and volatile organic compounds, which are treated on a working filter of nano-crystalline titanium dioxide volatile organic compounds under the influence of “soft” UV-A radiation (315 nm – 400 nm). About the technology: quiet and silent air purifiers from ARPACK.


Technical data of the AC 90


Our air purification devices have been tested and their effect confirmed by renowned institutes and laboratories.

The main types of volatile organic compounds that are removed by our units include:

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