The first industrial air purifier with light and fragrance dispenser specially designed for WC rooms and changing rooms.
Use in rooms 30 to 40 m².
Cleaning capacity of130 m³/h

... finally take a breath on the toilet

Der erste Industrielle Luftreiniger mit Leuchte und Duftspender speziell entwickelt für WC Räume oder Toiletten. Als Decke oder Wandausführung.

Photocatalytic air purifier with light and fragrance dispenser

The Arpack AirClean VR 90 is Efficient against viruses bacteria, mold, formaldehyde as well as fine dust and has an air cleaning performance of 130 m³/h CADR
  • Light & air purification concept for WC, office & plant
  • Ideal for the WC and changing room area with integrated LED – light (2400 lm) and fragrance dispenser
  • perfect air quality combinable with our essential fragrance oils
  • no filter change, no maintenance, no follow-up costs

Air purifier for the industrial sector by ARPACK – Effective & Powerful

The ARPACK AirClean VR 90 is an air purification device for highly efficient reduction of contamination by viruses, microbes, bacteria, molds, fungi and other organic microparticles. Purification of air from organic contaminants (including pathogenic microflora) is performed by oxidation on ARPACK AirClean Technology photocatalytic filter elements, which completely decomposes such contaminants into trace amounts of water vapor and carbon dioxide.

The technology of ArpackAirClean VR 90 purifier consists in photocatalytic mineralization of microfloras and volatile organic compounds, which are treated on a working filter of nano-crystalline titanium dioxide volatile organic compounds under the influence of “soft” UV-A radiation (315 nm – 400 nm). 

Data from the VR 90 air purifier


Our air purification devices have been tested and their effect confirmed by renowned institutes and laboratories.

The main types of volatile organic compounds that are removed by our units include:

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