ARPACK AirClean AC 200
Moderne Luftreiniger auf Basis der Photokatalyse.
Mobil und leistungsstark
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ARPACK AirClean AC20
Lautloser Luftreiniger für ruhige Räume wie Schlafzimmer oder Büro
zum AC 20
ARPACK AirClean AC600
Das Powerpaket für große Räume.
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Field of application for air purifiers


Luftreiniger für private Haushalte

Air purifiers for private households

There are a number of sources of pollutants indoors. Be it cigarette smoke, solvent emissions from furniture or building materials, as well as house dust and fine dust all around us- indoor air can often be more polluted than outdoor air. Air purifiers capable of removing allergens and polluting particles from indoor spaces are therefore highly recommended for allergic people.

Luftreiniger für Schulen

Air purifiers for schools & educational institutions

Clean and safe air is especially important for large gatherings of people. Fresh air increases well-being and protects allergy sufferers and asthmatics from stress. In addition, air purifiers reduce exposure to germs, bacteria and viruses, which minimises the risk of infection and illness. Air purifiers also work in tandem with ventilation systems to distribute fresh air in classrooms or seminar rooms.

Luftreiniger für öffentliche Einrichtungen

Air purifiers for public institutions & authorities

Large concentrations of people in waiting rooms or heavily occupied offices increase the risk of viral infection. In many office spaces, the building fabric is aging and there are no central ventilation systems providing a problem-free supply of fresh air. In the current pandemic situation, air purifiers, when placed at hot spots, are the means of choice to sustainably reduce virus load in hight risk areas. In addition, the general air quality is also increased, as the load of bacteria, allergens and odours is also highly reduced.

Luftreiniger für industrielle Einrichtungen Industrieluftreiniger

Air purifiers for industrial facilities & manufacturing

In industry, air cleaners or extraction systems often have to be used as standard in order to comply with occupational health and safety regulations. In food production in particular, dust and fine dust as well as bacteria, germs or mould can not only lead to respiratory issues for employees, ranging from allergies to asthma, but can also impair product quality. Air purifiers can specifically complement existing ventilation systems or can be integrated directly into them.

The best performance

ARPACK air purification units

with innovative technology from space travel

Our ARPACK AirClean technology enables effective reduction of microbiological air pollution without the disadvantages of traditional technologies associated with the release of ozone, the use of harsh UV-С radiation and expensive replaceable HEPA filters.

Our air purifiers do not contain mercury vapour, do not collect organic air pollutants (including all types of microflora) and do not require replacement of main operating components for continuous operation of up to seven years.

For more information see ARPACK air purification technology.

Newest technology


Based on the patented mineralisation technology of organic air pollutants on photocatalytic elements made of porous quartz glass under the influence of soft UV-A (365 nm) radiation of the solar spectrum.

Highest Efficiency


According to numerous tests by renowned institutes in Germany and abroad, our devices are proven to be more than 99.99 % effective against viruses and achieve the best results against mould spores, bacteria and most allergens.

Practical design


All air purification units are available in a simple and practical design in the 4 RAL colours pure white, sky blue, signal grey and graphite grey.



Through our sustainable and maintenance-free system, we are committed to greater environmental awareness. ARPACK AirClean offers the answer to the drawbacks of traditional air purification technologies.


Our air purification devices have been tested and their effect confirmed by renowned institutes and laboratories.

The main types of volatile organic compounds that are removed by our units include:

Opinions of happy ARPACK AirClean owners.

super Luftreiniger

Uwe H. | Use case:: AC20

"My wife suffers from allergies and is the biggest critic of new appliances, but since we got the AC 20 she doesn't want to give it back."

sehr zufrieden mit dem Lutreiniger

Beate P. | Use case:: AC200

"The air purifier seems to be doing its job very well, we’ve had fewer sick children despite the pandemic and the children like the animal motif." – Beate, Fourth Grade Teacher

Luftreiniger im Test sehr zufrieden mit ARPACK AC50

Tilo M. | Use case:: AC50

"We use the AC 50 with the fan in our living room by the fireplace. The whole family are big fans of our new air purifier."

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