Air purifier for quiet environments
Perfect in rooms up to 18 m²

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ac 20 in blau

Air purification and disinfection unit

The Arpack airclean AC 20 is a photocatalytic air purifier for private & commercial use.

Created with unrivalled state-of-the-art technology, the ARPACK AirClean AC 20 uses highly efficient convection based photocatalysis, to clean the air in your room silently around the clock!

The AC 20 is suitable for quiet environments, such as your home, bedroom, children’s room or living room. In order to ensure that our products are as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible, we have created a system that functions maintenance-free for a very long time.

On request, you can get the air purifier with a stand or as a wall-mounted device.

Available in the colours
Arpack Airclean Ac 20 weisser Luftreiniger
Arpack Airclean Ac 20 grau Luftreiniger
Arpack Airclean Ac 20 blau Luftreiniger
light blue
AC20 graphitgrau
graphite grey

Air purifier for private households from ARPACK - Effective & Powerful - also for commercial use

The ARPACK AirClean AC 20 is a highly efficient air purification device reducing contamination from viruses, microbes, bacteria, moulds, fungi and other organic micro-particles. 

This is done by oxidising organic contaminants (including pathogenic microflora) on ARPACK AirClean Technology photocatalytic filter elements, completely decomposing such contaminants into trace amounts of water vapour and carbon dioxide. 

The technology behind the Arpack AirClean AC 20 cleaning device consists of the photocatalytic mineralisation of microflora and volatile organic compounds, which are treated on a working filter of nano-crystalline titanium dioxide, under the influence of a “soft” UV-A radiation (315 nm – 400 nm). 

More information about air purifier technology

Technical data of the AC 20


Our air purification devices have been tested and their effect confirmed by renowned institutes and laboratories.

The main types of volatile organic compounds that are removed by our units include:

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