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Aroma Diffusor und Luftreiniger Arpack AirClean AC70 MD mit Bewegungsmelder

World first - aroma diffuser with air purifier for private and commercial use

  • Efficient against odors, viruses (more than 99.99%), bacteria, mold, formaldehyde and fine dust
    18 m³/h CADR (air cleaning performance)
  • Very light and mobile – only 1 kg
  • No environmental pollution from HEPA filters, UV-C lamps and/or ozone formation
  • No filter change, no maintenance, no follow-up costs, sustainable
  • with motion detector, continuous operation possible
  • Corresponds to DIN EN 16846 Part 1 (test report WKI Fraunhofer Institute, Braunschweig, 10/13/21 No. MAIC-2021-2909)
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AC70 MD klein

white – green


Mobility and freshness for every environment

Discover the ARPACK AirClean AC70 MD, a mobile air purifier with an integrated diffuser optimized for both residential and commercial use. With its innovative functions, the AC70 MD offers a unique combination of air purification, fragrance diffusion and atmospheric lighting for a comfortable and healthy indoor environment.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Mobile and light use: The ARPACK AirClean AC70 MD was specially developed for mobile use. Its compact and lightweight design allows for effortless placement in both residential and commercial settings.
  • Motion detector: The built-in motion detector ensures intelligent energy saving. The air purifier is activated as soon as someone moves in the room and switches off automatically when no movement is detected.
  • Powerful and extremely quiet fans: The powerful yet extremely quiet fans ensure effective air purification and fragrance distribution without annoying noises.
  • Integrated fragrance box: The unique fragrance box of the AC70 MD ensures a gentle and subtle flow of fragrance thanks to its special air channel arrangement. Perfect for our natural, ethereal fragrances, it enables a pleasant fragrance atmosphere.
  • Versatile mounting options: The AC70 MD is designed as a desktop unit, but can also be wall mounted using the included bracket to find the perfect spot in any environment.
  • LED ambient lighting with app control: The LED ambient lighting built into the side creates an atmospheric atmosphere in the room. Thanks to the app control, you can adjust the lighting according to your preferences.
  • Effective Fragrance Atomization: The AC70 MD is designed to efficiently atomize fragrances and perfumes with purified air. This leads to a unique and pleasant scent experience in the air.


The ARPACK AirClean AC70 MD offers a pioneering combination of air purification, fragrance diffusion and atmospheric lighting. Experience the benefits of this innovative air purifier and create a refreshing and comfortable indoor environment in any room.

AC70 MD technical specifications

  • Max. cleaning power in m³/h 18
  • Recommended max. room size in m² 15
  • Max. noise development in dB 41
  • Dimensions in W x H x D in mm 140x150x157
  • Total weight in kg 1
  • Max. power consumption in W 18


Our air purification devices are tested by well-known institutes and laboratories and their effectiveness is confirmed.

The main types of VOCs removed by the device include:

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