Innovation for healthy indoor air: Arpack AC 600 air purifier in the certification Bau GmbH in Berlin!

We are pleased to announce that the renowned company Certification Bau GmbH in Berlin has installed one of our Arpack AC 600 air purifiers in their conference room!
Innovation für gesunde Raumluft: Arpack AC 600 Luftreiniger in der Zertifizierung Bau GmbH in Berlin!

Air purifiers in offices

As a pioneer in building certification, the company now also relies on our state-of-the-art air purification devices to ensure healthy and clean indoor air.

The Arpack AC 600 air purifier offers breakthrough technology to remove pollutants, allergens and bacteria from the air. With its powerful filter system, it ensures efficient cleaning of the room air and thus creates an optimal working environment. The air purifier is quiet, energy-saving and has intelligent sensors that monitor real-time air quality status and automatically adjust the cleaning performance.

Certification Bau GmbH thus once again underscores its commitment to sustainability and health in the workplace. We are proud that our air purifiers can contribute to their approach to green and healthy building.

Visit the Certification Bau GmbH website to learn more about their work:

Learn more about the Arpack AC 600 air purifier and its innovative features on our website: AC 600



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