Sphera Kitchen & Bar in Israel improves air quality with AC30 and AC70

We are pleased that our Arpack air purifiers are now also in use in the trendy restaurant Sphera Kitchen & Bar in Rechovot near Tel Aviv!
Sphera Kitchen & Bar in Israel verbessert Luftqualität mit AC30 und AC70

The operator reports that the air quality in the restaurant improved significantly within just 24 hours of putting the equipment into service.

We are very happy that we can help to create a healthier environment for customers and employees.

If you want to learn more about Arpack air purifiers, please visit our website at https://arpack.com. Our products are specifically designed to purify indoor air, creating a healthier environment. We are proud that we can contribute to improving the air quality at Sphera Kitchen & Bar with our air purifiers.

Visit Sphera Kitchen & Bar in Rechovot and experience for yourself how our air purifiers improve air quality. For more information about the restaurant, visit the website https://sphera-rest.co.il.


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