Beware of the risk of mold due to economical heating in the apartment

MDR Saxony and the Dresden Tenants' Association warn of problems when saving on heating
Schimmelgefahr bei sparsamer Heizung: MDR Sachsen und Mieterverein Dresden warnen vor Problemen

Saving on heating harbors dangers due to increased mold growth

Danger of mold with economical heating – Winter is the time when tenants have to pay particular attention to costs in order not to slip into the red. But if you use the heating too sparingly, you not only risk unpleasant cold, but also mold growth in the living rooms. The Dresden Tenants’ Association warns that these problems can lead to new tenancy law disputes. According to a report by MDR Sachsen, there is an increasing need for advice in connection with increased heating costs.

Legal advisor Florian Bau from the Dresden Tenants’ Association told MDR Sachsen: “There are currently frequent letters to tenants demanding payment of an increased advance payment for heating costs. Even vonovia, Dresden’s largest landlord, asked a large number of its tenants to make a higher heating cost advance payment in November 2022, justified by the increased energy costs.

Bau fears that in the spring of 2023 more and more tenants will ask for help who have saved on heating in winter and are then confronted with mold problems. A solution can be offered here to effectively prevent mold growth.


Arpack photocatalytic air purifiers are effective against mold and fungus

ARPACK air purifiers are a highly effective solution to mold growth. The innovative cleaning process breaks down mold spores and fungi into their molecular components – carbon dioxide, water and oxygen – and thus effectively combats mold.

ARPACK air purifier technology is designed to improve indoor air quality and prevent mold growth. The cleaning is carried out by a combination of dust filtering F9 and photocatalytic technology. The F9 dust filter removes particles from the air, such as dust, pollen and mold spores. Photocatalytic technology uses light energy to convert pollutants in the air into harmless substances.

With ARPACK you can be on the safe and cost-saving side in the long term! ARPACK’s innovative technology lets you live in a fresh and clean environment all year round. With the state-of-the-art air purifiers you can easily eliminate mold spores, allergens and unpleasant odors in the air.

Anti-mold air purifier - ARPACK purification process

ARPACK’s cleaning process is particularly effective against mold spores and fungi. These are broken down at the molecular level into carbon dioxide, water and oxygen, ensuring no harmful substances remain.

Not only do you create a comfortable living environment by using ARPACK air purifiers, you can also save money. Eliminating mold can not only improve air quality, but also reduce heating and air conditioning costs. In this way, you can save money every month without having to forego a pleasant living environment.

Invest now for a safe and healthy future with ARPACK air purifiers. Use the innovative technology for a pleasant feeling of air in your own four walls. Convince yourself of the effectiveness and order your ARPACK air purifier today.

Test report from a well-known laboratory in Germany on the effectiveness of air purifiers on mold spores.

Laborergebnisse bei Schimmelgefahr

A reduction of 83.9% of fungal spores could be demonstrated.

You can find our test reports and test results on the effectiveness of our ARPACK air cleaners here.

Ergebniss Schimmel Pilzsporen


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